Monday, January 13, 2014

Seattle: Part Two (i.e. "When Are We Moving???")

For your viewing pleasure: some of the wonderful people touring Seattle with me:

Not sure about this person though... she just kept stalking us in the gift shop. :o JK Kristen... we love you!

After the aquarium we toured around downtown Seattle, taking in the outdoor market, eating some delicious food, and strolling along the water.

The next day (after a lovely 3 mile run), several of us strolled to the neighborhood "park" (in reality a beautiful patch of woods with hiking trails). We soaked up the smells and sights of mother nature and made some ducks very, very happy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Visit to Seattle, WA - The Aquarium

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit family in Seattle, WA for Thanksgiving. One of the many cool places we saw was the city aquarium. Many pics were taken... I hope you enjoy this sampling. :)