Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Work in Progress

Hello, blog world.  Hello, blogosphere. Hello, Land of Everybody-and-Their-Mom-Has-a-Blog-Now. I humbly join your loquacious masses. I have not attempted this since I was in school (on that note, if anyone knows where my 20's went, please contact me), so I crave your patience as I work out the kinks.

So, what is this blog anyway? First, I should mention what it is not:

1) It is not a means to promote a business. I do not at this time intend to make a profit from my photography. I am quite the newbie, just graduated from Point-and-Shoot Kindergarten and occasionally (read: almost always) feeling quite over my head.

2) It is not a popularity contest. I will not be pressuring you to share with friends, or "like" me on Facebook, or anything of that nature. That being said, I certainly hope you will keep coming back and even participate in discussions!

KAC Photography is:

1) A venue where I can mark my progress in the field of digital SLR photography, where I can post the successes and the (inevitable) failures along the way.

2) A forum where I can share what I have learned and can ask questions about techniques, equipment, etc.

3) A sounding board where I hope that you, my readers, will offer feedback, advice, and constructive criticism.

There are other ideas rattling around in my head, ways to help us all learn more about photography, that I hope to implement in the future. After all, it is through the inspiration and genius of other photogs that I started this journey in the first place.

Those are the basics. Thank you for your time (assuming you made it this far and have not already hit the "Next Blog" button, of course). *grin*

I look forward to hearing from you! Keep taking pictures!

At last, a non-blurry shot of Molly (Lab-Golden mix)

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